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Antrodia cinnamomea & Fleckedflesh Polypore capsule: Enhance strength, reduce fatigue, and enrich your life. The physiological active substances antrodia cinnamomea are as follows: Triterpenoids : promote the demise of cancerous cells, inhibit proliferation of hepatoma carcinoma cell, repair liver, improve liver function, lower blood pressure. It is antapoplectic and betasitosterol, has dual-directional regulation immune function, regulate blood pressure and blood lipid.  β-D- glucan :contain anti-tumor immunization physiological activity, and anti-allergic effect; enhance human immunity, regulate blood sugar. Superoxide dismutase:Antioxidation,free radical, prevent incidentaloma, delay aging, restore skin glow, reduce wrinkles and spots. Adenosine:inhibit platelet agglutination, prevent thrombosis, and improve blood circulation.

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